About Us

We at Prime Alliance Real Estate Services pride ourselves on thinking of new and inventive ways to help you make the most of your time and money. We have developed real estate solutions that will provide an exceptional buying and selling experience while saving you thousands of dollars.

Meet our team:

Roberto Manalo
Executive Vice President

Roberto brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Prime Alliance Real Estate Services.  His passion to help members and customers complete their purchase/sale is a driving force.  You’ll enjoy his availability for your members or clients seven days a week.  A great experience drives his desire to be one of the best in his field and will create an environment that nurtures success for your business.  Quote from Roberto:  “As your representative, I understand your needs and what we need to do in order to build your business. . . together we can achieve your members dreams of homeownership!"

Christina Fredzess

Member Advocate

Christina Brings ten years of customer service experience to our PARES team. She acts as a liaison between the credit union, credit union members and the real estate agents.  Her experience as an advocate helps buyers and sellers complete transactions with the best experience possible.  She enjoys helping members achieve their goals of homeownership.

Jeni Wagner
Member Advocate

Jeni started her real estate career in 1998 as a Real Estate Agent specializing in first time home buyers and teaching First Time Home Buyer seminars in the state of Washington. It helped her fully understand and appreciate the relationship between buyers, sellers and lenders.  Acting as your member advocate, Jeni guides you throughout the home buying or selling process with poise and knowledge the entire transaction.

Sharilyn Shaner
Member Advocate

Sharilyn brings over 35 years of customer service experience to our PARES team. Her responsibility is to make sure all real estate transactions run smoothly, starting with assigning credit union members to the Member Advocates and making sure members receive their rebate checks in a timely manner after closing on their homes. She is often the first point of contact for member inquires, ensuring their questions are either answered or directed to their Member Advocate. Sharilyn’s attention to detail and commitment to providing the highest level of service to our members is foremost. She believes in our team’s capability of providing excellent customer service to our members and uses her level of experience to ensure that we achieve this.

Marie Nunley
Member Advocate

Marie has been a part of Real Estate Services since we opened our doors.  She brings a wealth of knowledge from the financial side of the transaction and worked as a loan officer prior to joining the team.  Marie is member focused and brings her professional know-how to every member she helps.  She will get you through your transaction with a smile.