1. What is the telephone number, fax number, or email address of Real Estate Services?
    Phone: 206.971.7041 
    Toll-free: 877.638.2817
    Fax: 877.638.2818
    E-mail: creditunionres@primeallianceres.com

  2. When will I get my rebate check in the mail?
    Your rebate check will be processed and then mailed to you within 30 days of the successful closing on your home.

  3. Is this program only for those Members who are buying a home?
    NO, if the Member is either buying or selling a piece of real estate property they would be eligible to participate in this Real Estate Services program.

  4. How is my Real Estate Agent selected for me?
    Our hand selected, specially trained, Agents have submitted a personal profile to Real Estate Services. Your Member Advocate will spend time getting to know you, and then, carefully match you with an Agent they feel will be the best match for you.

  5. What if I don’t like the Agent that my Member Advocate selects for me?
    In the rare occasion that this does happen, please feel free to discuss with your Member Advocate other details that you are looking for in an Agent. The Member Advocate will then find you another Agent that they feel will be suited more appropriately.

  6. What are the hours of operation for the Real Estate Services?
    You can reach a Real Estate Services staff member from 6:00am to 6:00pm (PST).

  7. What happens if I call after your hours of operation?
    You will be directed into our voice mail system. By leaving a detailed voice mail message, your Member Advocate will call you back the next day to assist you.
  8. Where is this program available?
    Real Estate Services is currently available in all parts of the county.

  9. How soon after I speak with my Member Advocate can I expect contact from my personally selected Agent?
    You will be contacted by your Agent within 24 hours of your detailed phone conversation with the Member Advocate. Normally it is well under 24 hours that our Members receive contact from their Agent.

  10. Can I select my own Real Estate Agent and be in this program?
    No, the Real Estate Agents that are involved in this Real Estate Program are specially selected for their skills and competencies, and receive additional training to become Credit Union Preferred Agents.

  11. How much will my rebate check be from using your services?
    Your rebate check will be directly related to the price of your home and the amount of commission paid.

  12. If I have a question, comment, or issue, whom should I call?
    Please feel free to contact either your Member Advocate or your Real Estate Agent. Both will be readily available and easily accessible to answer your questions or help you with any concerns that you are having.

  13. As a Member that has used this program, will I be able to use it again in the future if I am ever buying or selling another home.
    YES, we would love to have your repeat business.

  14. May I refer a friend, family member, or co-worker to this program?
    As long as that individual meets the eligibility requirements and is, or becomes, a Member of a participating Credit Union.

  15. Does the program cost me as a Member anything to use its services and benefit from the package of incentives?
    No, to use the program will not cost you anything at all.

  16. I can not get in contact with my Agent, what should I do?
    You should immediately contact your Member Advocate and let us assist you and make sure that we get the issue resolved.

  17. If I am buying a new property and selling my current property can I take advantage of the Program on both the buy and sell side?
    YES, the Program is available for you to utilize and take advantage of the benefits on both sides.

  18. If I have already been out previewing property with another agent not involved in your Program, can I use this agent?
    No, you will need to sever the relationship with that Agent and then join the Program. At that point, the Program’s Member Advocate will assign you one of our specially trained Agents.

  19. If I have an acquaintance who is a real estate agent, can they join the Program so that I can use them as my Agent?
    No, this is not allowed under the Program guidelines.  Only the pre-selected and specially trained Agents will be allowed to work with Real Estate Services Members in the Program.

  20. What happens if I am already entered into an agreement with a real estate agent/agency, but I want to get into the Program?
    Depending on the agreement that you have with the agent or agency will determine if you are able to enroll in the Program. If this is questionable, fax a copy of your signed agreement to the Real Estate Services department and let us review the agreement.

  21. Are you currently hiring new employees for the Real Estate Services department?
    We are always willing to take your resume and keep it on file. Please send your resume by fax or email. At this time, however, we are not hiring. 

  22. What is the Real Estate Services Program?
    This Program wants to make sure that the Member has a smooth buying or selling transaction of their property.  Working with the Participating Credit Union professionals will make the process easier and less complicated.

  23. Can I use the Program if I am refinancing my mortgage?
    No, at this time there is not a Program in place to help with refinancing.

  24. How much is the real estate commission?
    The real estate commission can vary depending on the situation. Typically it is 6%; 3% on the buying side, and 3% on the selling side.

  25. Do your agents have access to all of the listings in the area I am interested in?
    Yes, our Agents are connected with the MLS and have access to all available listings in your area and other areas as well.